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Leadership and social responsability

What is a leader?

A leader is a person that has the capacity to direct other persons in aprocess  to catch up an objetive or a proposite.

A leader can influence in our environment, often requires the full use of human freedom and a rediscovery staff at all levels


What is a good leader?

A good leader takes good decisions and controls and calms the people.

Examples: John Fritzgerald Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Marthin Luther King.

Wha t is a bad leader?

These persons strengthened because sometimes do well the things. And for this he believe that all the things they do are correct and don`t ask the people. They are victims of them bad character. Sometimes they become intolerable and dangerous.

Always they don´t listen the person´s suggestions.

Examples: Pinochet, GeorgeBush Jr.

What is leadership?

Leadership is the process of influencing others( social influence) and support them to work with enthusiasm in achieving common goals. Is defined as the ability to take initiative, manage, convene, motivate and evaluate a group or team. It is the exercise of executive activity in a project, effectively and efficiently, whether personal or institutional management.

What is social responsability?


Is an effort that can be defined by the capacity to answer, the people have to face the consequences of their actions on the various public spaces and natural with whom they interact. Organizations are socially responsible when they take on a commitment to social, political and economic atmosphere in the internal and external contexts of their actions.

Examples of leadership

Conductor of orchestra: of he depend that the orchestra plays well and cordinated  the instruments.

President of republic: this is the most important charge in the countries, he or she has to take the country forward in economy, social, culture, turism and education

Jesus: he leads  his apostles and say them that bearing the word of God worldwide

Examples of social responsability

UNICEF: this organization works for the development and protection of children

DINAPEN: rescues homeless children and youth and gives them food and a place to recibe a  better treatment

INNFA: works for the childhood and adolescence

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